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As you may well know websites are subject to various copyright laws.. I take copyright seriously, so I have posted a sheet below stating this, as some shall have noticed our logo is based on the copyright symblol as posted below.

If you do upload photos to the website, pleaase ensure that they are not violating any laws of copyright, we will NOT be held responsible for your uploads, so please make sure that they're suitable for putting up.

Copyright is a crimal offence and you can be arrested for it.

The UK copyright law fact sheet outlines the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, the principal legislation covering intellectual property rights in the United Kingdom and the work to which it applies.

  1. Introduction  

    Copyright law originated in the United Kingdom from a concept of common law; the Statute of Anne 1709. It became s ... Read more »

Views: 2139 | Added by: lolt | Date: 2009-12-13 | Comments (4)

Well, i'm back on Windows XP after... "Trying" Windows 7, it seems my graphics hardware is not up for the job of displaying Windows 7s' effects properly and smoothly, which is kind of stupid because i've found a nice AGP graphics card that would do the job well (Which you can have a loot at Here)

But I think i might have to keep Windows XP, Just for the better loading times and frame rates :P

I really can't be asked to write a lot this time so i'm gonna leav it at that, please comment on your opionions about Windows operating systems :)
Views: 17495 | Added by: Kiz | Date: 2009-12-12 | Comments (11)


(Specifically the differences of modern Microsoft windows operating systems)

Anyway, much like the television, virtually everyone in the developed world has heard of Microsoft, and most famously by their line of operating systems that are used all over the world for things such as industry, business, and of course home computing and entertainment.

Approximately 90% of all computers used in the world have any version of a Microsoft operating system, specifically Windows XP, Which was introduced in 2001 and is still today the most popular and used operating system today despite not being retailed any ... Read more »
Views: 3062 | Added by: Kiz | Date: 2009-12-05 | Comments (2)

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